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   Attivitą di ricerca


PHOEBO - Photon Emission from Biological Organisms
research topics: photoinduced luminescence, biophysical models, cell communication applications in agriculture, ecology and medicine


SMT - Superconductivity and Mesoscopics Theory group
research topics: mesoscopic electronics and nanostructures: interaction and transport - mesoscopic superconductivity - Josephson junction arrays and low dimensional superconductors - dissipative quantum mechanics and quantum computation-Exactly solvable models


LEM - Laboratorio di misure sui campi ElettroMagnetici
research topics: consulenza, misure, formazione, ricerca


FNP - Functional and Nanostructured Polymers
research topics:



RES - Recycle Environment and Sustainability Unit
research topics:




 P&C - Polymers and Composites
research topics:
Development of thermoset/thermoplastic blends ,Synthesis and Characterization of Aromatic Polymers, Innovative composites materials and process, Resin Transfer Moulding, Natural Fibre Composites, Consultancy and Technology transfer. 

 ARS - Astrochemical Research in Space
 research topics: interstellar medium, interstellar grains, molecule   formation, eterogeneous catalysis


TG - Thermochemistry group
research topics: Thermal stability of materials, Kinetics of materials degradation, Heat capacities of materials


Produttivitą primaria degli ecosistemi
Chimica Supramolecolare
Nuclear Physics
Campo diffratto da strutture periodiche
Trasduttori estensimetrici a semiconduttore
Stereochimica di composti organici fosforosi